SingCon 2013

It’s almost May which means SingCon is just around the corner! This is our flagship event and its one of the largest events among the student associations at UW. We had over 70 contestnts audition back in February. Now, we are down to eight finalists who will compete during the concert!

SingCon this year will be featuring Hong Kong artist Jason Chan (陳柏宇) and Seattle’s hip hop artist GOWE (Gifted on West East). Some of their music can be found here and here if you don’t know these famous people yet! Can you get pictures with these artists/of these artists and maybe even their autographs during SingCon??!? The event will take place in the Neptune Theatre on May 4th so save the date. May 4th is a Saturday so you have to go! No excuses for studying will be accepted! We will be donating all proceeds to CISC so attending this event is for a good cause!

Head over to our SIngCon website and learn more about SingCon now! Also, click on the contestants page and vote for your favorite contestant. Am I your favorite contestant? Just click on my profile and click on ♥ Vote! There is a surprise for those who gets the most votes so go go go now! For more pictures, check out our Facebook SIngCon page!

Check out some of our past SingCon videos and take a look at our event highlights from last year here on Youtube!

Jonathan Dang



Culture Shock

Hey guys, we had our first spring quarter event this past Sunday. Had a lot of good food and saw some really cool performances! Hope you guys had enjoyed the food and the performances as well. Check out more pictures here!

Jonathan Dang



Winter Quarter Sports Competition

HKSA has great events planned for this year! We have our Winter Quarter Sports Competition coming up soon, featuring 5v5 basketball and 10v10 dodgeball! Join with your friends or make new friends as you show your awesome b-balling and d-balling skills against others to compete for the mysterious prize! Who knows what this prize may be, a new friend, a gift, free food, or maybe even a new career in the sport since you are so pro at basketball or dodgeball! These two sports won’t happen at the same time so you can play both. This event will be great for people who want to make new friends or want a little more excitement to their new year. Come join the sports competition as many hot girls and guys will be cheering for you! After the event, join the officers for dinner and get to know your HKSA family better! Instead of reading about the event afterwards on here, why not go and see for yourself? Learn more about the event here and come to Red Square as we will be tabling everyday from 10:30am to 2:30pm and buy your tickets!

Winter Quarter Sports Competition

SingCon Auditions

Have you heard about SingCon? It is the coolest, most inspiring, and most influential singing competition which even features a special artist each year! Before SingCon can begin, we need competitors for the event. If you have any singing capabilities, come to the auditions to get a chance to perform and compete on the front stage in front of a large audience at SingCon! I know many of you consider yourself as “don’t sing,” but I know you sing at home or even in the shower. Don’t be afraid and come try out at the auditions because you won’t get an opportunity like this anywhere else! It will become one of your most valuable memories in college and you may even be more popular! Imagine the number of friends you can make when they hear how wonderful and sweet your singing voice is. For more information and complete details about the event, visit the link here! 

SingCon Auditions

Thanksgiving Dinner and Cantonese Classes

Hello everyone, it has been a while now. Today is the last day for finals and I hope everyone did well on them! We had our Thanksgiving hotpot dinner event with CSA a while ago and it was great! A lot of hot food and a lot of people on a cold night. Everyone had a great time, and it would’ve been even better if more people joined us!

Do you guys have any plans for the break? Some of you may be catching up on a lot of sleep while others are going on vacation. There are also those of you stuck at home who will be bored pretty soon. Why not learn Cantonese? Not only will you be productive, you can make more friends when winter quarter starts! Although our Cantonese classes are over now, you can still learn on your own. I have included some of our handouts from the classes so you can learn over break! Check out our pictures from the events and come join us at our future events! See you all next year!

Jonathan  Dang


Canto Class 3

Canto Class 4

Check out more of our pictures on HKSA@UW!



Class 1

Hello everyone! Our first Cantonese class was very successful and I’m sure everyone who went learned something useful! Be sure to come to our next class this Thursday in Gowen 301 at 5pm. Remember, the classes are free and there will be free food this time! We will be teaching you about shopping and maybe even some ways to bargain! Remember to come early to get a seat. Below is the handout from our first class class in case you didn’t get one or lost yours.

-Jonathan Dang

HKSA Cantonese Class 1 Handout

Bonus! Here’s a link of a good online Cantonese dictionary!

Online Cantonese Dictionary

HKSA Fall Cantonese Classes

Hello everyone! Have you ever wanted to learn Cantonese? Find more Cantonese-speaking friends? Or want to know how to correctly pronounce your favorite dimsum dishes? Come join HKSA’s Cantonese classes! The classes are Thursdays (Nov 8, 15, 29, Dec 6) from 5-6pm in Smith 404. We will have the pros at HKSA teach you how to pronounce fun words and phrases while mixing it up with some games and more fun. Best of all, the classes are FREEEEE!!! Cantonese is easy to learn and our schedule is listed below so be sure to join us for all the classes

You will never know when you will need to use Cantonese. Maybe you meet someone and they tell you they speak Cantonese, and you learned some from this event. What do you do? You can be like nei hou leng zai/lui*. Suddenly, new friend right there. Learning how to pronounce dimsum the right way is going to be very helpful when you go get some dimsum! Instead of pointing to this and that dish, you will know how to correctly pronounce them and they will know what you want when you say you want har gow*! Yum!*Want to know what these mean? Come join us and find out! See you there!

Also, if you’re not a member yet, hurry and become one! You will get many discounts to our events as well as discounts from our sponsors!

Class schedule
Class 1 (11/8): Greetings and self-introductions
Class 2(11/15): Shopping
Class 3(11/29): Food
Class 4(12/6): Transportation

-Jonathan Dang
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