About HKSA

The smells, sounds, and views which can only be attributed to Hong Kong are the factors that make the city unique. The public activities and dynamic trends keep this city moving constantly. In addition, its nightlife, from the people to the lights, offers a truly amazing experience.

The Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) is a cultural club at the University of Washington. Though we are under the Hong Kong title, we encompass Macau and Guangdong as well. HKSA serves to promote Hong Kong culture and heritage to all students who are interested, and provide a place where Cantonese students can interact with each other.

HKSA is a club run by students for students. We put together many events throughout the year, including get-togethers for Chinese cuisines and New Years’ and various other holiday gatherings. Our biggest event of the year is our annual Singing Contest, which is usually held in the Spring.

About the Blog

The HKSA Blog is created with you, our valuable members, in mind. Here, you will find the most updated information on club events as well as other important happenings in the University community, event photos, behind the scene stories, and other interesting things that we think you’d be interested in knowing. Add this blog to your favorites and be sure to check back often!

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Send us an email at hksa@u.washington.edu


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