Cantonese Classes and Thanksgiving Dinner 2013

Cantonese Class

Ladies and Gentlemen, we knew that learning a new language from peers is interesting; therefore HKSA’s CANTONESE CLASSES WERE PERFECT! Thank you for coming our classes, we did really appreciate about your attendance. We have taught about some basic conversations and vocabularies in different themes and materials for each class, such as greetings, dating and food. Our officers have also provided multiple hilarious demonstrations that you could definitely remember what you have learned in class! Please look at our HKSA @ UW page on Facebook to learn more details. Since we only have these classes once every year, so please look forward to waiting the next opportunity to learn Cantonese!
Event Page:

Here is a collection of all the handouts and PowerPoint of all 3 classes:

1st Class(Greetings)

2nd Class(Dating)

3rd Class(Food)

Thanksgiving Dinner

Time went by so fast, it is Thanksgiving again! We had ALL YOU CAN EAT Hot Pot, games, prizes on last Saturday(11/23) together at HK Bistro. I hope you all had lots of fun and enjoyed this gathering with your friends! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Event Page

More pictures are posted in HKSA FB Page:

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