SingCon 2013 Recap

SingCon 2013

Thank you everyone who attended our event! Special thanks to the HKSA officers and volunteers as well as the judges and the MC’s. Without them, the event wouldn’t have been so successful! Congratulations to our winners too. Since SingCon is our flagship event, I’m going to give you guys my exciting experience working behind the scenes! Maybe you will want to join HKSA after reading this haha.

Our day started off at 12:45pm sharp. We follow a rule where the latecomers buy the rest of the officers bubble tea or food. This keeps everyone on time and makes it fun lol. Soon, the venue opened and we moved all our equipment into the venue. Some officers and volunteers were being assigned to their roles while other officers and volunteers like me started the move chairs. Thankfully our officers had created detailed lists of everything to make the event run smoothly. They were detailed to the point of having teams of our officers and volunteers move chairs in specific places of the venue! As we move chairs and set programs made and the officers/volunteers on each seat, even those up in the balcony, others were organizing the equipment on stage. I was surprised to see the coupons and the cool glowstick in the program. I thought the glowsticks were awesomely cool since there were so many colors of surprises. Oh yea, I’m sure some of you saw how creative those people up in the balcony were with those signs in the front row that spelled J-O-A-N-N-E. I bet you guys didn’t know that they used the glowstick to colorize the signs and make them pop! After we finished setting the venue, we had sound check where our performers and guest performers went on stage and gave short performances. That experience is something you can only understand if you were part of our officers and volunteers at that time so I encourage you to join us next year!

After long hours of organizing the venue, people started to come in and get seated. It was so cool seeing so many beautiful people. As Jason Chan, Gowe, our judges, and our contestants got pictured and interviewed, I was preparing for the powerpoint you guys saw throughout the show. The projector room is located above the balcony seats in the back and is a very complicated place. Technology has not advanced far enough to have the powerpoint run itself, but the experience was enjoyable. All the fades between slides were done manually using a small lever. Luckily, I had another officer accompany me and help out in the projector room. The coordination and performances were done well and I saw people enjoying the show.

Gowe and Jason Chan 陳柏宇 were fantastic! Gowe’s rapping was real intense and insightful, like let’s go yo, get up and start jumping, dancing like penguins in place to those flashing lights~, yeah, stars in my eyes~. Jason Chan 陳柏宇 shows up in a stylish blue blazer where he proceeds to take off a few items of clothing and all the girls and boys are screaming for more hotness. Jason Chan 陳柏宇 sang a lot of songs and people sang along with him! We had phone lights and glowsticks waving through the air and people in the balcony who rearranged the letters to try and spell JASON! Oh yeah, can’t forget about those raffles and donations. Our show was donating all proceeds to CISC and we had raffles along with getting a picture with famous stars. I’m sure you guys were excited to take pictures with all our performers!

Overall, we had a great show and I thank you for everyone who helped out to make this event so successful. If you want more SingCon or HKSA, be sure to follow us on our facebook page to keep yourself updated with our latest events.

-Jonathan Dang


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