SingCon 2013

SingCon 2013

It’s almost May which means SingCon is just around the corner! This is our flagship event and its one of the largest events among the student associations at UW. We had over 70 contestnts audition back in February. Now, we are down to eight finalists who will compete during the concert!

SingCon this year will be featuring Hong Kong artist Jason Chan (陳柏宇) and Seattle’s hip hop artist GOWE (Gifted on West East). Some of their music can be found here and here if you don’t know these famous people yet! Can you get pictures with these artists/of these artists and maybe even their autographs during SingCon??!? The event will take place in the Neptune Theatre on May 4th so save the date. May 4th is a Saturday so you have to go! No excuses for studying will be accepted! We will be donating all proceeds to CISC so attending this event is for a good cause!

Head over to our SIngCon website and learn more about SingCon now! Also, click on the contestants page and vote for your favorite contestant. Am I your favorite contestant? Just click on my profile and click on ♥ Vote! There is a surprise for those who gets the most votes so go go go now! For more pictures, check out our Facebook SIngCon page!

Check out some of our past SingCon videos and take a look at our event highlights from last year here on Youtube!

Jonathan Dang



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