A New Year

Winter Quarter Sports Competition

HKSA has great events planned for this year! We have our Winter Quarter Sports Competition coming up soon, featuring 5v5 basketball and 10v10 dodgeball! Join with your friends or make new friends as you show your awesome b-balling and d-balling skills against others to compete for the mysterious prize! Who knows what this prize may be, a new friend, a gift, free food, or maybe even a new career in the sport since you are so pro at basketball or dodgeball! These two sports won’t happen at the same time so you can play both. This event will be great for people who want to make new friends or want a little more excitement to their new year. Come join the sports competition as many hot girls and guys will be cheering for you! After the event, join the officers for dinner and get to know your HKSA family better! Instead of reading about the event afterwards on here, why not go and see for yourself? Learn more about the event here and come to Red Square as we will be tabling everyday from 10:30am to 2:30pm and buy your tickets!

Winter Quarter Sports Competition

SingCon Auditions

Have you heard about SingCon? It is the coolest, most inspiring, and most influential singing competition which even features a special artist each year! Before SingCon can begin, we need competitors for the event. If you have any singing capabilities, come to the auditions to get a chance to perform and compete on the front stage in front of a large audience at SingCon! I know many of you consider yourself as “don’t sing,” but I know you sing at home or even in the shower. Don’t be afraid and come try out at the auditions because you won’t get an opportunity like this anywhere else! It will become one of your most valuable memories in college and you may even be more popular! Imagine the number of friends you can make when they hear how wonderful and sweet your singing voice is. For more information and complete details about the event, visit the link here! 

SingCon Auditions


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