Winter Break

Thanksgiving Dinner and Cantonese Classes

Hello everyone, it has been a while now. Today is the last day for finals and I hope everyone did well on them! We had our Thanksgiving hotpot dinner event with CSA a while ago and it was great! A lot of hot food and a lot of people on a cold night. Everyone had a great time, and it would’ve been even better if more people joined us!

Do you guys have any plans for the break? Some of you may be catching up on a lot of sleep while others are going on vacation. There are also those of you stuck at home who will be bored pretty soon. Why not learn Cantonese? Not only will you be productive, you can make more friends when winter quarter starts! Although our Cantonese classes are over now, you can still learn on your own. I have included some of our handouts from the classes so you can learn over break! Check out our pictures from the events and come join us at our future events! See you all next year!

Jonathan  Dang


Canto Class 3

Canto Class 4

Check out more of our pictures on HKSA@UW!




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