Want to learn Cantonese?

HKSA Fall Cantonese Classes

Hello everyone! Have you ever wanted to learn Cantonese? Find more Cantonese-speaking friends? Or want to know how to correctly pronounce your favorite dimsum dishes? Come join HKSA’s Cantonese classes! The classes are Thursdays (Nov 8, 15, 29, Dec 6) from 5-6pm in Smith 404. We will have the pros at HKSA teach you how to pronounce fun words and phrases while mixing it up with some games and more fun. Best of all, the classes are FREEEEE!!! Cantonese is easy to learn and our schedule is listed below so be sure to join us for all the classes

You will never know when you will need to use Cantonese. Maybe you meet someone and they tell you they speak Cantonese, and you learned some from this event. What do you do? You can be like nei hou leng zai/lui*. Suddenly, new friend right there. Learning how to pronounce dimsum the right way is going to be very helpful when you go get some dimsum! Instead of pointing to this and that dish, you will know how to correctly pronounce them and they will know what you want when you say you want har gow*! Yum!*Want to know what these mean? Come join us and find out! See you there!

Also, if you’re not a member yet, hurry and become one! You will get many discounts to our events as well as discounts from our sponsors!

Class schedule
Class 1 (11/8): Greetings and self-introductions
Class 2(11/15): Shopping
Class 3(11/29): Food
Class 4(12/6): Transportation

-Jonathan Dang
Check out our video!

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