Shades Out!

Wooh! Our first clubbing event of the school year with CSSA and TSA was amazing! We had a lot of people show up and the line outside was long. I hope you guys came early because it was cold! Thanks for everyone who showed up and I hope you enjoyed the event! It has been a couple weeks, but I still remember how nice it was. Everyone was looking sexy and hot in their attires and those glow glasses were so cool. I hope you guys bought a few and took pictures with them because they were all colorful, fun, and awesome!

Like all clubbing events, things started out slow and everyone just stood around not dancing, but soon enough, people were dancing! I have to thank the guy in the orange shirt in the pic below for being brave and leading everyone. He’s a pretty good dancer. Of course, everyone formed a circle around him and a few faced off with him. People would push their friends into the circle to make them dance, but they just run back out of the circle, lol. I am not the dancing type of guy, but I showed him some of my moves too. Soon enough, the atmosphere was lively and everyone was dancing and having a great time.

We had a bar that I wasn’t old enough to go to, but I hope everyone 21+ got to drink enough. I’ll have to admit those security guys were really annoying. They would jump on chairs and walk around all the time. Their flashlights got all in my face and I don’t like blinding lights when I’m dancing. I didn’t expect a bottle of water to cost $5 either. I was really thirsty from all the dancing and I eventually gave in and bought a bottle. Anyways, that was great for our first clubbing event, and if you had fun, please come join us at our future clubbing events throughout the year!

-Jonathan Dang


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