Fun weekend!

Orientation Camp

Whew! Last weekend’s O-Camp was so much fun. I didn’t have time to update the blog because I was busy talking to my new friends from O-Camp! I’m sure everyone had a good time and again, thanks to our officers for organizing all the games and setting up everything. The weather was a bit cold in the morning, but by the time we started playing games, the weather was nice and sunny. There’s a lot to read here, but read on and remember what it was like.

Day 1

We had a lot of people show up on day 1 and we played games such as the name game, pawn game, passing water bottles, and the detective game. I think I only remember about half of the people from my group during the name game. It got awkward when people faced off and didn’t know each other’s names so they would just stand there lol. Of course, I was picked and I forgot the other person’s name, but luckily, my teammates knew their name hahaha. For the next few games I was busy taking pictures, see them here, but everything was still very exciting. Watching people run up to other officers with non-smartphones and eat an entire bag of marshmallow was funny. Some people were really good at walking with a cup of water on their head. Guys would make a nest with their hair to hold the cup lol. There were also a lot of broken cups and water spilled though. After those games, people joined the officers and went to eat lunch with their new friends.

I didn’t know lunch could be so interesting. My group and another group went to eat udon noodles while others went to other places. Talking with the members was fun and my group joked about each other’s Chinese names. We also got to talk to potential future HKSA officers and it was great to see so many people interested in joining our HKSA family!

By the time lunch was over, we were all very tired and sleepy. That didn’t stop the fun though! We played our detective game where groups would set out around campus and look for clues to find out who killed Tim. Groups had to do tasks at each checkpoint such as pushups with another group member sitting on them and running up the unending flight of stairs near Padelford. Padelford is very far, and if you get a chance, try running up and down the stairs in under 1.5 minutes. I had to do both the pushups and run up the stairs so I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. The setup was cool and people got to talk and be better friends with their new friends! The entire story was complicated and if you want to know who killed Tim, just ask Jon.

Day 2

On day 2, we had less people attend but it was still fun. We played this game called untangle where people held random hands and had to “untangle” and form a circle. The game was fun and tricky. We had people going everywhere and linked hands that were on the verge of breaking. The “would you rather” game was funny and sometimes disgusting lol. I’ll stop there, but just know that it was fun too. The games just kept getting better and better. Next was our survival newspaper standing game. People in their groups had to stand on top of newspapers as the newspaper count got smaller. Eventually it got down to 1.5 sheets and there were at least 20 feet that had to be on the newspaper. People were jumping on top of each other and groups were falling all over the place. The charades game was hilarious! Some people were really good at acting out the words, but others were really bad. I don’t think either group figured out any other beside one. Our last game was called running man. Group members had nametags on them that other group members had to tag off and each group could do missions for more points. This game had some flaws, but overall it was fun to find groups that were hiding the entire time and other groups that were chasing others. The game was intense and I would love to play it again. That’s it for Orientation Camp this year! Which games were your favorites?

Shades Out! clubbing event

We are tabling at Red Square so come by and say hi! We are selling membership cards so be sure to buy one and get cool discounts if you’re not a member already! We have a lot more events so don’t miss out on all the fun! Also, we are having our first clubbing event this school year! Details are here. Join us and make new friends, or dance with your special friend!

-Jonathan Dang


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