Welcome to the new school year!

HKSA Orientation

Hello everyone! It’s only been about a week since our orientation, but doesn’t it feel much more recent though? I hope everyone enjoyed the delicious dim sum, made new friends, and had a great time. My favorite part of the orientation were the games. I learned some interesting facts about our members and that pawn game was so amusing! Who knew people would carry chopsticks around with them, or would actually show their red underwear/take off their shirts? The performance by Jason and Yuchuan was marvelous and members waved around lights from their phones. After hearing them sing, it made me want to start singing and maybe even join Singcon!

I hope everyone that attended bought a membership card. If not, we will be selling them at our HKSA booth on Red Square from 10:00 to 3:00 this week. Those cards are great for getting discounts to many restaurants and HKSA events. Speaking of events, HKSA is having its Orientation Camp this weekend! We will be playing a lot of fun games where you can get to know others members and officers. Your friends are welcomed to join too! Check it out here to get all the details.

Leave comments below and tell me about your experience at the orientation! What was your favorite part? Be sure to check out our Facebook page as well.

– Jonathan Dang

Below are some pictures from the orientation, check out the rest at HKSA@UW



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