HKSA Mid-Autumn Quarter Update

News & Greetings

With a blink of an eye, autumn quarter is now more than half way over! We hope everyone did well on your midterm exams and papers, and don’t forget to stay warm as the weather gradually becomes colder everyday!

HKSA Officer Recruitment took place two weeks ago, and we would like to welcome our new officers Shu Ting, Simon, Stephanie, Tap Tap, Wendy, and Wyndi! We are very pleased to have them in our team and is looking forward to working with them for the rest of the school year! 🙂

Fall Barbecue Recap

The HKSA Fall Barbecue, in collaboration with CSA, took place on October 22nd at the beautiful Gas Works Park. Although the weather was a little less than ideal, we still experienced a great turnout, thank you guys and hope everyone was able to make some new friends and get to know our awesome officers better!

Upcoming Event: ASC Epic Rice Night

The ASUW Asian Student Commission is a branch under the Associated Students of the University of Washington. Its purpose is to promote Asian cultural awareness on the University of Washington campus. It is a representative of the voices and issues surrounding the University’s Asian and Asian-American community.

ASC’s first major event of the school year, Epic Rice Night, will be this Friday, November 18, from 5-7pm at the South Campus Center 300 & 316. HKSA is one of the eight teams that will be participating in the event! Everyone is strongly encouraged to come out, have a taste of different (and delicious) rice dishes and at the end, vote for your favorite!

For more information, please check out the Facebook event page HERE!

Officer Life

Ever wonder what HKSA officers are like when we’re not working on awesome events? Simply put, we are some cool kids that work hard and like to have fun!

On November 5th, a group of officers attended the football game against the Oregon Ducks. It was also the last game at the Husky Stadium before it undergoes a two-year renovation. Although the Huskies experienced a disappointing loss (and that it was also really cold), everyone still had a great time hanging out!

CHOK YEUNG, brought to you by our very own Adrian and Simon.

Don’t forget to like the HKSA Facebook page!

Stay hungry, stay foolish,



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