Welcome to HKSA!

Hello everyone!

First of all, welcome to a brand new school year at UW and of course, welcome to HKSA! We are a student-run organization at the University of Washington. Our goal is to promote Hong Kong culture and heritage to anyone that is interested and provide a place where fellow Cantonese speaking students can interact with each other and feel “at home” away from home!

Our first event of the year, the student orientation, took place on Friday, October 7. We are really happy to see the amazing outcome and are very excited to get to know everyone better in the upcoming school year!

Fun games at the orientation!

Couldn’t make it to our orientation? No problem! This Saturday, October 22, we are having a barbecue event, in collaboration with CSA (Chinese Student Association) at the beautiful Gas Works Park. Be sure to join us for a fun and tasty day and a chance to meet some awesome new friends!

For more information, visit our Facebook event page!

One more thing, HKSA is currently recruiting for new officers for the new school year. We are looking for anyone that is enthusiastic and ready to work with us to help create some of the best events on campus. It is a great way to meet new people and become an active member of the University Community! If you’re interested, click here.

Our dedicated and talented team!

HKSA has a lot in store for everyone this year and all of our officers are really excited, we hope you are too! Be sure to check back often for updates and more behind-the-scene stories on our future events, and if you haven’t, like our Facebook page!

Nice meeting you all, cheers!



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